Crufts 2017

Crufts 2017

IMG_8904 Celebrating 126 years of Crufts

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In 2017 we celebrated 126 years of Crufts! Charles Cruft, founded Crufts at the Royal Agricultural Hall in Islington IMG_8955and built his reputation as an innovator in the area of public relations, sponsorship and advertising.  He was born in 1852 and died in 1938.

The son of a goldsmith, he was born in Hunter Street, Brunswick Square in Bloomsbury. He was very bright and was educated at Ardingly College in Sussex and later, as an evening student at Birkbeck College.  Aged 14, he took a job as a post office boy with Spratts Patent Ltd. James Spratt, a Canadian electrical engineer and entrepreneur, had interests in everything from lightning conductors to dog food and it was dog food that made his SHM_2630 fortune in the form of the Spratt’s Meal Fibrine Dog Cake.

 The first show held at the Agricultural Hall and the first to carry his name was held from 11th to 13th February 1891.  The entry was large for the time – 2437 entries in total (note:  actual dogs less – some compete in more than one class).  The coverage was positive, if not entirely uncritical, with the Field magazine praising the quality of entries in some breeds but finding others somewhat lacking. IMG_9002  One great coup was that his show attracted the attention SHM_2639of the nation’s most famous fancy dog enthusiast, Queen Victoria herself.

Charles Crufts started out in 1891 with an entry of 2437. Nowadays,SHM_2760 Crufts sees between 22,000 and 24,000 dogs in competition over four days, from all over the world, and the gate for 2014 was 159,536 – that’s 15,000 more than the Glastonbury Festival.  The pedigree competition is at the heart of the show still, but all dogs are celebrated, with crossbreed dogs having their own national Scruffts final at Crufts as well.

This year of 2017 I was there at Crufts,SHM_2942

it was a great celebration, the biggest dog show in the world, 22,000 dogs every one of the is unique,

See you all in 2018

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